Traditional Ornaments

Traditional Ornaments

The Christmas Story in 10 Unique Ornaments!

Hand carved olive wood ornaments From Holy land Only For  $36 .

Traditional Ornaments

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Christmas Story Gift Set -...


A Limited Edition Christmas Story Gift Set. Hand Crafted Stain Glass effect Gift set in 6 unique ornaments, each ornament represents an event leading to Jesus Christ's birth. $72.00 dollar value for ONLY $49.00.

What's in the Bag...

There is an Angle Ornaments, a Shepherd Ornament, a Wisemen Ornament, a holy family ornament, a manger scene ornament and a flight to Egypt ornament.

Each ornament is crafted with a different color to present and highly the story and to brighten any Christmas tree.


$49.00 per set

Buy 4 get third one free